Graham sculptures
which are made from steel, copper aluminum,
wood and found materials.

Garden Joy  .. 1998
Size 4' x 4' x 25 ft
Armature of cedar logs form the bush in the background
Covered with gavanized sheet metal. Flower - Fibreglass

This was a colaboration with my Son Doug Scholes
residing Montreal and is a recognized artist.

Hoot'n Hootie

Created Mar 2013.
It has a home on a property near Pembroke Ontario
which is now named Hootie Point.

Materials used
ReBar, Roll steel, Gavinized metal, Scrap plate steel and Aluminum Pot Cleaners

This was the piece that started the thought process of the Olympic rings and how the games weighted heavily on the tax payers.

It seemed a shame that the so many had to
pay for the elite few to participate and benefit.

Certainly the Provincial Liberal Funding Cuts to the Arts Education and Health is a terrible price to pay.

Isn’t there a better way for humanity to grow ?

Yesterday it was a democratic society with freedom of speech... Now one wonders.

VANOC Directive

"The artist shall at all times refrain from making any negative or derogatory remarks respecting VANOC, the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games, the Olympic movement generally, Bell and/or other sponsors associated with VANOC."

November 2009

Before this Directive was issued I was working this sculpture for an exhibition at the
Penticton Art Gallery. about what the arts community think, pro or con, about the Olympics....

Tax Burden  ..  2009

Made from blocks of cedar, steel,
ABS tubing Cross platform of Oak Plywood
Size 6’ x 40” x 24”

The nails and screws enhance the blue and green rings.
which represent Health, Education and Arts cut backs....
the Red ring represents the Athletics and
the Yellow ring represents the Politics
niether of which have been nailed and screwed.

The metal on a ribbon, hanging around the neck of the inukshuk reads
“Tax Burden Award”

“Sitting Pretty“  2013

If stuff hangs around the studio long enough it will become a
form/object/sculpture that adorns our garden.
These old chairs use were used in my Atelier
where I taught for years.  I was mindful of the fact,
“Your mind can absorb only as much as your seat can endure.”
This piece give new meaning to that expression,
“Your mind may endure only if you allow it to absorb“.



Restricted Freedom


Restricted Freedom
Copper, Aluminum, Birch wood
19" x 6" x 6""

Threeagles was create allowing the polished
laquered steel forms to be pivoted in the base
enabling the viewer to alter the mood
or setting of the sculpture

Steel & Granite base
32" x 10" x 6"

Edition of 7

1 Sculptures remaining

Brolly Dance
6" x 14
Copper-Brass-Yew Wood

Garden Sculptures.
Galvanized ¼” Rod
Average hieght is 3 to 4 feet

These Owl scuplture stands 10 feet in height.
Each year we have a family of two new owls and during the time of raising these young Owlets the mother
is close at hand and is quick to hiss at passer-byers and look down at you with complete disdain



Hooters ..  2008

Owl Owl

The real owl.... free for the catching.... if you can!

We know about Huff the magic dragon....  
Meet Huff's brother.... Duff

Length 16 feet
Stainless Steel tubing, 1/4" rod, Fibre glass, Chicken wire


Challenge  ..   2010

Height 9 x 5’ x 4’
6 mm rod, 10 mm re-bar,
3mm flat steal bands and
cedar branch roost.

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