Woodblock Workshop


AKA ... BootCamp


Beautiful Sidney By the Sea
British Columbia


Moku Hanga.....
Woodblock Printmaking


Graham A. Scholes
Marnie Scholes
were your B&B hostess

Sorry folks....
we have come to the end of an era.

(The workshops ...  not us)


The 10 years of workshop taught the techniques
required to make woodblock prints. This experience
has been used to make a professional video.

The in-depth workshop for (Moku Hanga)
woodblock printmaking is available
in a full length detailed DVD that is over an hour long
that explains in accurately all aspects of the art form.
You can find details at Graham site:


Click camera to see sample movie.

Workshop location

Woodblock Printmaking DVD Workshop

As was the tradition at the workshops the DVD
has a no secrets approach to explaining
all aspect of Woodblock Printmaking.

types of wood for plates
preperation of wood
transfering the image to the plate
method of carving,
method of cutting kentos
sharpening of tools
preparing inking brushes

method of printing smooth bokashi
use of and making rice and starch paste
fixing oops (carving mistakes)
how hosho paper is made
detailed clip of how to tie a baren by
master printmaker Noboru Sawai

Exhibition in Public Galleries
Art Gallery of Victoria 1999
Dawson Creek B.C. 1999
Pentiction Art Gallery 2001
MacLaren Art Centre 2002
Richmond Art Gallery 2005

Burnaby Art Gallery 2006
(Montreal) Pte Claire Sewart Hall Museum 2008

Graham's Curriculum Vitae please go HERE

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