Inking Brushes
Maru Bake

My DVD video has a very detailed movie
on how to prepare these brushes.

Order it here

Burn a Maru Bake reducing the bristle length to about 2 cm.Roll the brush on the hot metal plate to get a domed shape.

The sander in the back (80 grit paper on a block of wood also works) is to sand the burnt hair off the brush.

The equipment used here is a colman stove with a piece of sheet metal positioned over the flame. Caution ...make sure the sheet metal is will forward to prevent flames and excessive heat from coming out the front of the stove and burning you. Continue the burning/sanding process until the brush is the dome shape and bristle length is not less than 1".
Next step is to drag the Maru Bake across the Shark Skin or the Dragon Skin otainable from McClain's

OR.....You could use a cheese grater to taper the horse hair bristles.

I mounted the sections of cheese crater on a wooden disc and attaching it to my table saw. This mades the job of fine tuning brushes much easier ...

Warning make sure you attach the grate sections with small screws and be sure you use a face shield when operating the device. Also dampen your bristles as they can heat up and burn with the sanding operation.

On the other side of the grater disc I mounted (with contact cement) 80 grit garnet paper. The combined of this abrasive disc has enable me to shape and taper the ends of the bristles of my brushes with considerable ease. Stand behing the table saw so that the disc is rotating away from you.
IMPORTANT....I have built a protective guard around the motor which is located at the back of the saw.

The results of our labour is the nicely tapered bristles.

With tapered bristles you are able to achieve smooth even coverage of ink on your print. This does not happen all on its own. It takes practice and a gentle touch the get results.

Here is the finished inking brush. The height of the bristle should end up being about 7/8" (22 mm) long.

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