Cutting a Kento

with a
Hangi-to and the Aisuki (Bullnose chisel)

My DVD video has a very detailed movie on how to cut Kentos.
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Note that the hangito is vertical and the beveled edge in facing away from the cut line.

The right angle lines are cut first to a depth of approximately 2 mm

The diagonal line of the kento is cut with the bevel of the 'to' facing the kento

Once all three lines are cut you are now ready to remove the wood and create the step of the kento.

With the 6 mm Aisuki (bull nose chisel) remove the wood to a depth of 3 mm

At a depth of 1.5 mm start removing the wood from the kento as above.

For those that are really fussy about having the kento very flat and smooth, it can be achieved by shaving off any ridges with the hangito.

Here is the finished product.

Now, you can go and buy some good paper with the money you saved on that Kento Nomi chisel.

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