Sharpening V Gouge

The method below is used for Sharpening or Honing
My DVD video has a very detailed movie
on how to sharpen tools.

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This is a view from the front.

This is a view looking from Handle
Note the rust. Make sure you dry the blade
after sharpening on a wet stone.

Side view.
It is important not to change the angle of the cutting tip.

Using a 4000 grit wet stone I hone the V gouge
If sharpening is required use a 1000 grit wet stone

When the face angles are hone/sharpened you need to
remove the burr on the back inside V of the gouge.

Using a water slip as above lay the gouge flat on the stone
and drag back once or twice only to remove the burr.

NOTE: You may have to shape your water slip
to fit
perfectly the angle of the V gouge.

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