Printing/Storage Table
96" x 42" x 36"H
I made this from 3/4" & 1/2" birch ply and 1/4" ply for the draw bottoms.

My DVD video has a very detailed movie
about the information on this page.

Order it here

Two banks of drawer. left side 34" wide Right side 42 " wide to accommodate a range of paper/drawing/print sizes.

The pull out board hold the "to-be-printed" on left and "printed" on right side

The sliding trays bottom extending to form a slide, fitting into a dado slot in the vertiical sides. A little wax and work like a tin whistle. Ya that's right....full of Hosho paper.

This is the carving work station. The two lights have fluorescent with incandescent bulbs for adjusting colour temperature.

The sunflower on top of the vase is a 25 ft. sculpture at the back of the property.

The carving bench....Note two thingies....
the posture and handsome old.....
sorry, I got carried away.
The different colour wood near the top
of the Hori-Dai was an add on.....

My WorkSpace Hori-Dai Caving Bench Get Pasted
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Sharpening V gouge Cut a Kento
Inking Brush

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