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See Details re Graham’s 66 minute Video
about woodblock Printmaking.

Sources for woodblock tools....
McClain's ......
Supply List of cutting tools
5 Japanese Detail Carving Tools at Lee Valley Tools

Hanga-to, Professional
(Woodcarving knife)
damask steel

*7.5 mm.

Aisuki, Professional
(Bull-nosed flat gouge)
damask steel

* 6 mm
* 3 mm
1.5 mm

Komasuki, Professional
( U-shaped gouge)
damask steel

*4.5 mm
* 3 mm

Sankaku-to, Professional
(V-shaped gouge)
damask steel

*1.5 mm

Asamarunomi, Professional
Half-Round Shallow U-gouge

* 15mm

* Recommend for Boot Camp

Inking brushes

Maru Bake
These Professional printing brushes are hand-made using horses' tail.
* If money is no object these are the best brushes

See Price on the Baren Mall

A few Available at workshop n/c

* Sosaku Brush 60mm and 75mm
I have been using these brushes and can recommend them with confidence.
These printing brushes can be purchased from McClain's Printmaking supplies

See Prices on the Baren Mall

A few Available at workshop n/c

Misc. Items

John Root Baren

I have been using this Baren and can recommend them as being very close in preformance to the Hon Baren

We will need to have a order as it takes John about 2 weeks to get you baren ready for Boot Camp

My Video has a step by step sequence as shown by Noboru Sawai You will be able to tie your own barens with ease once you see the technique done by a master printmaker.

$140.00 US

Available for rent at workshop.$5.00 for week

Mizubake 15 cm
(Paper wetting brush)
My Video explains alternatives to this expensive brush.

My brush will be available for use at workshop

Yamato Rice Paste. Available at
Boot Camp
Printing Papers

Classic Cream

Sizes available.  11 x 14 & 18 x 24

An inexpensive acid free paper.


Basswood blocks 12" wide solid blocks of basswood will be available
These blocks have been sanded with 120 grit paper
Special orders are available in 10” to 14” board widths. Contact Graham

$10.50 board foot


This is a list of my Palette

Pigment Name

Ultramarine Blue

Thalo Blue


Cadmium Red Light

Hansa Yellow Deep

Hansa Yellow Light

Yellow Oxide

Burnt Sienna

Titanium White

Gamblin Dry Pigments
Guerra Paint & Pigment

Sources for woodblock tools....
McClain's ......

Activities and Material:

I. Wood plate Preparations

1) Basswood blocks

* Available for purchase at workshop

2) Sandpaper, #300 or #400, wet/dry (black)

* Provided at workshop

3) Wood sealer, oil based( 1:1 sealer-solvent mixture) .

* Provided at workshop

lI. Drawing and Design transfer.

1) A ruler

You Bring

2) Drawing pencils, 4H, and B or 2B

You Bring

3) Frosted mylar .......(4" larger than your intended print design)
NOT needed if you bring a keyline drawing

You Bring

4) Tracing paper .......(4" larger than your intended print design)
NOT needed if you bring a keyline drawing

You Bring

4) Paper towels

*Provided at workshop

5) Newsprint paper (30 to 50 sheets)

*Provided at workshop

6) 1 - Roll of 3/4" masking tape

You Bring

III. Woodcarving.

1) Woodcarving tools (See above)

2) A bench hook

* Provided at workshop

3) Sharpening stones

* Provided at workshop

4) Some Band Aids

* Provided at workshop

V.Printing paper Preparation.

1) Printing paper

* Available for purchase at workshop

2) Garbage bags

* Provided at workshop

3) Blotters (app. 14"x16")

* Available for purchase at workshop

4) Paper soaking trays

* Provided at workshop

5) A Mizubake (paper wetting brush)

* Provided at workshop

6) Poly Bag (8" - 12" larger than your intended print design)

* Provided at workshop

V. Printing.

1) A baren

* Available for purchase at workshop or Rent

2) Watercolour paint

* Provided - Sample lot of 7 colours provided

3) Rice paste

* Available for purchase at workshop Make our own.

4) Printing (inking) brush (s) .... See suggested list

* A few available at workshop

5) 2 or 3, small bowls for mixing pigment

* Provided at workshop

6) A small wooden rice paste stick ( a pencil size)

* Provided at workshop
We chop down a tree and make one.

VI. Print drying

1) "Chip board" for press drying

* Provided at workshop

My WorkSpace Hori-Dai Caving Bench Get Pasted
Sharpening Tie Baren
Carving Tools Mechanics
Sharpening V gouge Cut a Kento
Inking Brush
How to Movie

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