66 Minute
Instructions to create
Woodblock Prints

  in the traditional Japanese technique of Moku Hanga

by internationally known Printmaker

Graham Scholes

This movie clip shows the quality at which the 1 hour DVD has been produced.
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The information below gives you an insight to the
information revealed in this professional DVD

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The information and instructions shown on this professionally made 1 hour and 6 minute DVD is second to none. It is the accumulation of 25 years of hands on experience by Graham Scholes who has created over 100 print images, carving 600 plates and printed approximately 65,000 sheets of Hosho Paper. The only thing missing is the fun and ambience that was prevelant at Graham's studio workshops (AKA Boot Camp) that was an annual event until 2004.

Graham's teacher is master printer, Noboru Sawai,  who spent numberous years in Japan taking from Toshi Yoshida 1911-1995. The passing on of knowledge and learning has been on going for 25 year under the tutelage of Noboru Sawai. Visiting Japan, Graham has acquired first hand knowledge of Moku Hanga printing, papermaking and carving by visiting artisans of the country.

The feed back about the step by step of this in-depth Video about how to make a woodblock print has been excellent. Unlike a workshop, you can reference the illustrated explanations in the 1 hour video, which enables you to re-enforce and build on your knowledge of woodblock printmaking many time over.

types of wood for plates
care of wood
about key line drawings/plates
transferring keyline drawing to plates
information about the carving tools
methods of carving
handling and carving with the chisels.
method of cutting kentos
verifying the registration of all plates
types of wet stones needed
sharpening of carving tools
preparing and tuning inking brushes
mixing powder pigments
applying pigment on the plates

positioning paper on the plates
printing a bokashi (gradation of colour)
use of rice paste
making your own paste
preparing paper dampness for printing
see how hosho paper is made in Japan
how to tying a baren
burnishing technique
repairing plates.... those dreaded “oops”
preventing warping of wood
handling large paper sizes
methods of embossing
care of brushes
drying and pressing prints


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