Instructional Video

This  1 hour video is an easy way to learn Mokuhanga.

You teacher is as close as your computer.


Internationally known Printmaker Graham Scholes has available an 1 hour movie on how to create  Woodblock Prints in the traditional Japanese technique of Mokuhanga.

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Price of 1 hour video……  $ 40.00

The information and instructions shown on this professionally made 1 hour Video Movie is second to none. It is the accumulation of 28 years of hands on experience by Graham Scholes who has created over 100 print images, carving 700 plates and printed approximately 70,000 sheets of Hosho Paper that is 8 momme or heavier. 

Graham’s learned from master printer, Noboru Sawai, 1913 – 2016 who learned from the renown Mokuhanga master Toshi Yoshida 1911-1995. The passing on of knowledge and learning has been on going for 20 year under the tutelage of Noboru Sawai.

Visiting Japan, Graham has acquired first hand knowledge of Moku Hanga printing, papermaking and carving by visiting artisans.
The feed back about the step by step of this in-depth Video on how to make a woodblock print has been excellent. Unlike a workshop, you can reference the illustrated explanations in this 1 hour movie, (over and over until you get it right), which enables you to re-enforce and build on your knowledge of  Mokuhanga.

For ordering or inquiries contact the artist by clicking HERE.